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This is a link to the common core standards

This is a link to PARCC (Partnership of Assessment for Readiness for College and Careers).  We are a PARCC state and they are creating the assessments that will be replacing the OCCT in Math and ELA.  There are frameworks here that allow a simpler look into Common Core and classroom application in grades K- 12.  They point out where emphasis should be and supporting material to assist students in success in later grades.

Instead of reinventing the wheel here is a link that has a wealth of information already placed into a links list from the State Department of Education.  If you teach a subject outside of Math or English Language Arts there are many links here that you will find useful along with many, many links for Math and ELA teachers.

This is a link to a wealth of resources for understanding Common Core State Standards and includes additional links too for you all to explore.

Depth of Knowledge Chart for your reference.

This is a very unique site where there is information on understanding CCSS along with ideas for instruction of CCSS concepts.  The format is what makes it different.  You choose what you want to explore and it opens up a virtual notebook with the information like a 3 ring binder.


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  1. I spent today looking at a few webinars from Simple K12. If you aren’t a member of Simple K12 I would highly recommend it although it is costly if you only plan to utilize it on occasion.

    One presentation by Erin Klein ( had a wealth of links included for teachers looking for Common Core resources so I thought I would post them here for you all to peruse.

    1. The first was Mastery Connect that features a ton of free resources for CCSS and has widgets that can be used to connect lessons to CCSS.
    2. Mentoring Minds…which is not a link to a website but a quick guide flip chart for referencing Common Core State Standards in ELA and Math. They have several different charts for different levels and subject areas. The lower grades include lesson suggestions for CCSS classroom implementation and most levels include depth of knowledge questions.
    3. Unah Education Network is a lesson resource for PK – 12.
    4. Okland Schools: SCoPe…this is the system that Erin Klein teaches in and she speaks highly of the resources her district provides to their teachers. It’s free for all teachers.
    5. Asbury Park School District…has K – 2 lesson templates that Erin highly recommends.
    6. Read Tennessee is broken down by CCSS strands where you click on a strand link and the resources for that standard strand come up.
    7. Share My Lesson…I included this for those districts in the panhandle that are totally digital…yes, those do exist!! District staff, students and families can talk and interact here!
    8. Teachers Pay Teachers has free and paid for content that are hands on CCSS. You can also choose to follow those teachers whose stuff you fall in love with!
    9. Classroom Freebies is a blog where teachers can post CCSS resources they are proud to share.
    10. has K – 6 literacy lessons featuring passages from relevant mentor texts and suggests additional mentor texts to extend student understanding.
    11. includes a multitude of videos of effective teaching practices along with video resources for instruction.
    12. WatchKnowLearn is another video resource.
    13. Study Jams is a Math resource that Erin HIGHLY recommends and uses herself in her classroom.
    14. Pinterest to organize your online resources.
    15. Sqworl is another online organizer with a different format.
    16. Class Connect is another resource for those districts that have gone digital. It is in the Beta testing phase but those who jump on board now will be included in full implementation.
    17. Lastly, she recommended Mentor Mob as another resource for sharing in digital districts.

    WOW!! That’s a lot….now you can’t claim we don’t supply you with resources!!

    ;oP Kimmy

    • In reading my post I noticed that I typed Unah instead of UTAH in link #3…

      In perusing the above resources I found that Mastery Connect is a login site based on aligning assessment with CCSS instruction. They feature tools to allow tracking of individual students and focus on teachers controlling their instruction of the individual. They have videos that come from the Khan Academy and LearnZillion that maps concepts with standards and shows how to implement…

      Okland is actually Oakland…

      if you go to this has tons of lesson information with CCSS… is actually…

      WatchKnowLearn features videos that you can share with your students to enhance and integrate technology in most of the CCSS ELA, Math and Literacy in Social Studies and Science for all grades…

  2. Here is a literacy instruction resource that was shared with us from teachers in Indiana who are full force into CCSS and show that it is paying off!
    Go Check it Out!

  3. When we were in the city last for our training K20 came down from Norman and modeled effective instruciton of CCSS standards. Like any conference that is jammed with resources and links many get shuffled away and can’t be found. I have been trying to find this link since we returned to the panhandle and ta-dah! I found it.

    This is the K20 website that offers resources for resources for instruction that has been proven to be effective in meeting the needs of students and CCSS. I’ve stressed this in my presentations and will stress it again that Common Core State Standards are designed to increase depth of knowledge and use of skills that will enable our students to be college, career and citizen ready.

  4. If you are searching for links that we have posted for you all a neat way to weed them out of all this content is to search the tag ‘links’ or go to the “tag cloud” on the right hand side of this page and click on the word ‘links’. Both of these will pull up all the posts that have been tagged as including links.
    😉 Kimmy

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