after Vision 2020…

As a Reac3h Coach at Vision 2020 I found myself working registration each morning and going to meetings that were required of me throughout the rest of the day.  I was fortunate to attend the general sessions by all three of the keynote speakers.  Day three’s speaker, Tony Wagnor shared a few websites that you might want to check out, or if you were there, didn’t get written down.

It was announced that the new standards will be referred to as Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS).  Here’s a few links to understanding what this means:

I’d love to hear what you felt was a GREAT use of your time at Vision 2020 or if you found any WONDERFUL resources to share.  Comment to this post or share on Facebook, Panhandle Reac3h Out!

I will be working the next few weeks on RSA, Reading Sufficiency Act.

If you hadn’t heard our new focus as Reac3h Coaches is early literacy in grades PK – 3.  Our intention is to lessen the affect of the 3rd grade retention law that goes into effect next year.  I will be here to inform and clarify the law and assist schools/districts in making good choices for literacy assessments and the use of data from those assessments to guide instruction.  I can assist districts/sites in understanding early literacy and our obligations as parents, teachers, and administrators across the panhandle.

It was my intention to reschedule grade level collaboration meetings for the first few weeks of August.  I still plan to do so in hopes that many of you can attend, but some schools start as early as the 8th.  Don’t forget that the State Department of Education will be coming out for an in-service in Guymon on August 12th.  This in-service will feature the different content area directors from the office of instruction.  Each will offer content specific PD’s within content areas for you to attend.  I believe that there will be a session for administrators too to look at TLE.  Once I receive more information I will be sure to send that out to you.  Also, look for emails from Guymon administrators Michelle Bryson and Dixie Purdy regarding this in-service.

Until next time…

🙂 Kimmy


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