summer about to start for me too…

I just wanted to say thank you to those who came to the RSA workshops held on June 4.  Those in attendance are well on their way to creating programs in their schools for early literacy that will enable our students to become strong readers.  The whole intention of your RSA plans is to avoid third grade retention, to diagnose and intervene early.

I plan to have another set of workshops late July early August once I identify when schools in the panhandle will start the 13 – 14 school year.

Unfortunately, the grade level collaboration workshops didn’t go as planned due to lack of interest.  I will be rescheduling those too just before school gets underway again.  I hope that interests will be renewed and those seeking new strategies and methods will come join us.

You can also look for an early childhood PD in the Fall near the beginning of school.  We will focus on how our students formulate early reading skills and what literacy looks like for our PK – 1 students.  As workshops are planned you’ll find a complete listing of scheduled PD’s at:

Don’t forget about Vision 2020 July 9 – 11.  It will be action packed and full of free PD for all levels and subjects.  Also, the beginning year in-service for tri-county will feature staff from the State Department.  They will bring you a wealth of information on Common Core.  There will be a session for secondary and a session for elementary.  Once I know more about the schedule I will send it out to you all.

As always, I’m here to help if you need it! 🙂 Kimmy

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