Collaboration Workshops and RSA Meeting Set Up

I had an opportunity to go and observe some of my peer coaches in action last week.  They had a collaboration workshop for PK/Kinder teachers.  This got me thinking about what I can do that is similar in our area in attempts to get you all talking in your grades levels across the panhandle.  As with most things I have done, I wish I had done this earlier but here’s what I’ve set up.

On May 28 and 30 I have four two-hour sessions set up at Guymon Junior High’s Science Annex.  This is a GREAT room for professional development and will allow for a group as large as 30 with room to move about.  I put PK & K together on the morning of the 28th and grades 1 & 2 together in the afternoon on that day.  Grades 3 & 4 will be the morning of the 30th and 5 & 6 together that afternoon.  Anyone interested in learning more can go to for a complete listing of these upcoming workshops.

This link,, will also be my main go to for those wanting to see what workshops I have scheduled throughout the coming year.  I hope to have these planned before the start of school in August so those of you who’d like to attend my free PD sessions can plan ahead.

It’s my hope to keep the collaboration going with workshops scheduled every 9 weeks for levels PK – 6 and I am wanting to set up collaboration meetings for librarians and any other support personnel who’d like to start this too.

With the window for Reading Sufficiency plans opening up on May 1 I’ve put together a meeting/workshop for those who author site and district plans in order to facilitate any questions you all might have regarding the Reading Sufficiency Act and the plans attached to this law.  This RSA workshop is scheduled for June 4.  There are two sessions that you can choose to attend, an am starting at 9 and a pm starting at 1.  To sign up to attend you need to go to the following link  Again this is the go to link for any PD I have scheduled as your Reac3h Coach in the panhandle region.

As always, questions and/or comments can be sent to me @

🙂 Kimmy

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