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When going into schools and asking what teachers need to transition to Common Core they usually state they need more resources.  Many go a step further and say they want to see what Common Core “looks like”.  So, this post is going to offer resources for teachers to “see” Common Core in Math and ELA.

Josh Flores, ELA Director at the OkSDE, sent out a request for members of the #ELAOK Facebook page (if you’re not a member, you should be ;)) to review a project he had in the works.  This request brought a wealth of resources out from many other Reac3h Coaches.  I am sharing these resources with you.  I’m sure that Josh will compile these into a useable document, but for now here are the lists of what CCSS “looks like” by standard and further organized by grade level.

1st CCSS – RL

2nd CCSS – RL

3rd CCSS – RL

4th CCSS – RL

5th CCSS – RL

Kindergarten CCSS – RL

Now here is a document that looks at Math.  This is a pacing guide from New York for grades PK – 5.  It shows CCSS Math concepts and the length of time that should be spent with each concept in order to get the depth and rigor associated with Common Core.  I will reiterate what I say to all when speaking about Common Core: Common Core allows teachers across our nation to share resources, Common Core allows educators to focus on cross-curricular skills in a rigorous manner allowing students to formulate an independence in learning, Common Core connects all subjects and allows educators to create a community of learners.  These aren’t the only advantages associated with Common Core but these are my soap boxes.  So, after that stand the following may be from NY but since we are amongst those states implementing Common Core we are part of the same network.


Here is a link to exemplar lessons that will allow educators to “see” what Math CCSS “looks like” and/or have lessons to implement in given CCSS Math focus areas.

In the last post I spoke a bit about the training we as Reac3h Coaches are receiving and included a video that represents Common Core Mathematics.  It’s only befitting to include it here too for you to “see” what CCSS Math “looks like”.

I’d love to hear from you as to if these resources help you or your peer teachers.  Would appreciate a short note saying so in either the comments or shoot me an email,  You could also view these resources on the panhandle Facebook page Panhandle Reac3h Out.

Thanks bunches!


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