Back from Spring Break!

I’m headed to the city today after spending a GREAT week with my family and trying to step away from the Reac3h Coach world for a short period of time.  I hope everyone had a relaxing and rejuvenating break and are revved up for what seems to be a short time till summer.  Saw a teacher from Guymon post yesterday that there were only 39 days left of school.  Whew, 😮 how time flies.

This trip to the city will be short.  Am attending the OutReac3h Network Spring Summit(that’s a mouthful) in Norman.  Tim Shanahan will be speaking (am pumped about that!).  Reac3h Coaches & SDE Directors will be presenting in their given areas.  It should be a wonderful day of learning.

A shout out and high five to those who came to the Reac3hing All Readers professional development on Saturday, March 16 :).  Your dedication is an enriching sight.  I hope that you took away some necessary information or resources and that you share with your peers that weren’t able to partake.  If you feel that any of the sessions offered would be of benefit to your school or district holler at me and we can set up a personalized PD for you.  I’ve already began setting up PD’s for Yarbrough, Boise City and Keyes.

I saw this and wanted to pass it on.  If you do anything this year for yourself as an educator, get connected!  Here’s a link to 10 ways you can get connected:


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