Must cancel writing workshops on 2/26/13.

Hello everyone.
I hope this mail finds you safe in these inclimate weather conditions we seem to be plagued with these past few weeks.  I am sorry to inform you that I must cancel the writing workshops scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, February 25, 2013 due to the weather.  I was hoping that this blizzard would push through and the roads would be clear in the morning but I have come to the conclusion that this won’t be be case.  I am sending out this mail, I will also post on Facebook and I will post on my blog in attempts to reach you all.  If you know of anyone who was planning to come but hadn’t contacted me, or I neglected to include on this mailout, I would appreciate you passing the word.
I will reschedule the workshop.  I have already set up an additional writing workshop in Beaver on Thursday.  If you’d like to attend please let me know.  I may end up presenting at a few different schools in order to reach you all.  If you’d like me to come present in the evening or during your PLC time send me a request.  Please note that I have to be in the city next week for training.
Thank you,
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