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As I sit here in my office at my computer and listen to my two kiddos hack through the throws of the flu that has taken my household hostage I am working on presentations for professional developments that are upcoming for panhandle educators.  I’m going to kill two birds with one stone and share these upcoming events with you here and prioritize my workload.  For ease of organization I will simply go in chronological order:

  1. February 23rd – edcampOKC, and yes I know what you’re thinking, that’s not in the panhandle but I am going to this free event in Yukon with the hopes of learning how to bring it to the panhandle.  Here is a link to learn more about it:  Here is the flyer for the event:  edcampokc_flyer  Holler if you’d like to join me:
  2. February 26th – Writing in grades K – 5, here is the flyer for the event: professional development flyer  I’m just going to cut and paste a description I sent to a teacher in Keyes since it hit the nail on the head! 😉  “The structure of the writing workshop will be the progression of writing in grades K – 5.  It’s important that we all understand where our students are coming from and where they should be headed.  We will explore instructional strategies and activities that can be adapted for all levels K – 5 and I will encourage all to adopt common strategies in order to lessen instruction on how to complete a task and focus more on the why.  By scaffolding common classroom tasks we are increasing the rigor associated with student understanding and grade progression.”
  3. March 16th – Reac3hing All Readers, this will be a free professional development from 8:30 – 2:00 featuring 10 Reac3h Instructional Coaches from across the state and OKSDE Assistant Superintendent Marsha Thompson, OKSDE Director of RSA and ELA Terri Brecheen and Mary Dahlgren, Consultant for the OKSDE and National LETRS ( Trainer.  The keynote will be given by Dr. Dahlgren ( and will consider how research shows children acquire reading skills.  Participants will then have approximately 4 choices of presentations within three sessions that will cover the five aspects of good literacy instruction (comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics and vocabulary) along with writing in the upper and lower elementary grades, data driven instruction and early intervention.  There will also be an administrator session lead by Marsha Thompson that will consider literacy from the administrators point of view.  Reac3hing All Readers has been to Stroud and Lawton.  Guymon will be the third stop.  Participants from Stroud and Lawton have raved about the information presented and hopefully you will too!  The flyer is being created for this even as I post so as soon as it’s available I will get that out to you and your districts.
  4. March 26, Reac3h Network Summit – again this is not in the panhandle but this event will feature the Reac3h Coaches and Office of Instruction personnel.  I will be part of the introduction and will feature the panhandle in part of my presentation.  Tim Shanahan will be the keynote speaker and then the breakout sessions will be led by Reac3h Coaches from across the state and SDE Office of Instruction Directors Josh Flores, Sara Snodgrass, Kelley Curtright, Levi Patrick & Tiffany Neill.  Unfortunately, this is a by invitation only event but if you’d like to attend talk to your administrators or Reac3h Network coordinators.  If you don’t know who that would be then send me an email and I’ll forward that information to you.  Here is the flyer:  REACH+Summit+Flyer
  5. Love, Read, Learn; a Professional Development for Parents and Grandparents – This PD hasn’t been scheduled but I am ready to start booking dates.  When we were at training in the city last week Teecy Matthews from the Barbara Bush Foundation presented this training to us.  It’s free and I can come present to parents/grandparents or I can come train staff in your district to then present to parents/grandparents.  The presentation includes free materials to hand out to participants that encourage their involvement in the literacy development of their child(ren).  This PD is geared to parents/grandparents of PK – 2 (maybe 3) grade students.  It could also include students in Head Start programs.  Here is a video that explains the program and presentation:
  6. Lastly, I am in the process of planning six more dates that will be similar to the writing sessions on the 16th.  I am open to any suggestions that you might have or want to see as a professional development.  There will be two in March, two in April and two in May.  Any input is welcome!

Looking forward to seeing you all at one of these upcoming events!

🙂 Kimmy

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