two committees formed…

Yesterday, I submitted four names from the panhandle to serve on one of two committees being formed by the SDE.  First, let me give a BIG shout out to these four teachers for volunteering their time from their already cram packed schedules in order to assist with these two initiatives.  The two new committees are:

  1. Pre-kindergarten Standards Committee: the formation of pre-kindergarten standards that align with Oklahoma C3 Standards.
  2. Reading Assessment Review Committee: the review of 12 different assessments that will be considered to either replace or be added to the three assessments we already utilize for reading assessment in grades K – 3.  The current three assessments include BEAR, Dibbles and Literacy First.

These committees are in the formation stage at present.  I don’t have much information on them yet but I do know that the assessment committee review will take place over the next month and that we will know what the new assessments will be by the end of the school year.  This will enable districts to make plans as to what assessment they’d like to use, train their teachers and implement prior to the start of school in the fall.

The PK Standard Committee will be headed by Sara Snodgrass, Director of elementary Math, at the OKSDE.  She and Josh Flores, Director of PK – 12 ELA, will facilitate the discusson and formation of standards for ELA and Math at the PK level.

Send me any questions or comments if you have any:


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