headed back to the city tomorrow

We’re headed back to the State Department tomorrow.  Many topics are on the agenda.  One of which is new testing software for Pre-kindergarten classrooms.  It’s called the Early Literacy Quick Assessment (ELQA) and is being created by educators at the University of Oklahoma.  It is in beta stage at present and can be downloaded and used for free.  Go to: http://webelqa.eteam.ou.edu/ for more information.  Also, here is a flyer that was distributed about the ELQA: ELQA Flyer

If you have a PK classroom in need of baseline assessments or progress monitoring this may be your answer.  REAC3H Coaches will meet on Friday with the creators of ELQA, so if you are interested and have a question please send it to me in order for me to get an answer for you.

Kimmy Reddick – REAC3H Instructional Coach (panhandle region)

email – kreddick.reac3hcoach@gmail.com call or text – 620-629-5622

Also on the agenda is the review of Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA) Plans.  I am happy to announce that the panhandle region has all their RSA Plans submitted and ready for approval.  This is good, since Superintendent Barresi has gone to the legislature and asked for supplemental funding partially for additional Reading Sufficiency funding.  The statute states that funding can not be distributed prior to all plans being submitted and approved.  That means every district in the state must submit a plan prior to anyone receiving RSA funds.

Kuddos to the panhandle districts! and I will see you all again in a week.

🙂 Kimmy

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