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This site was posted by Josh Flores, Director of PK – 12 English Language Arts OKSDE, on the #ELAOK facebook page…


If you aren’t part of the facebook pages associated with the OKSDE search and send a request to #ELAOK, #OKSci and #OKMath

Also, I spent some time in Dumas with Guymon administrators and specialty teachers on Wednesday.  Guymon is implementing Guided Reading/Flexible Grouping and Dumas has a proven successful Guided Reading program.  We were at Morningside Elementary School observing classrooms and visiting with administration.  One program that they have implemented is Turnaround Schools where students are encouraged to adopt the motto “no excuses”.  Here is a link to the site…


“We believe schools are responsible for ensuring that all children are prepared to attend college.  This blog is for courageous teachers and tenacious principals who embrace that moral imperative, and who seek strategies to make that daring dream a reality.” –http://turnaroundschools.com/blog/

Here’s to everyone having a GREAT TGIF!


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