Melody will no longer be a REAC3H Coach in the panhandle.

A wonderful opportunity has opened up for Melody Aufill, who is currently the western half of the panhandle’s REAC3H Instructional Coach.  One of the coaches from near Yale, where Melody currently resides, has taken another position outside the SDE and Melody has taken her place as a REAC3H Instructional Coach for that region.  This is GREAT for Melody seeing how she now will be able to sleep in her own bed and return to the community that she calls home.  Melody will continue to be in the panhandle from time to time.  She has made connections to people and schools out here that she is not willing to give up.  Meanwhile, I will be absorbing the entire panhandle into my work log.  It will take some time to prioritize but I anticipate meeting with the schools that have the most need sometime mid to late January.

Looking forward to seeing you all this new year!

🙂 Kimmy

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