Flexibility.  Flexibility is such a little word but what a powerful one.  Last week reminded me once again how vital it is for all people, but especially teachers, to have flexibility.  Sometimes this seems like a contradiction for teachers because we like routines, schedules and procedures.  However, good teachers must exercise flexibility to meet the needs of administrators, state departments, parents and students.  Classrooms, just like life, demand flexibility.  The ultimate goal of teachers is not “to finish the book” or to simply check items off of a checklist, but it is to provide a foundation of learning and skills the child can use and build upon his or her entire life.

Today, I hope each one of you is flexible when you have to be when distractions come your way, and yet unyielding when it comes to the rigor and depth of your teaching and the expectations you have for all students to learn.

I will be in Optima and Yarbrough Wednesday and Felt and Keyes on Thursday.

Check out the site Kimmy suggested about LETRS.  We are learning so much at our training in OKC.  Building Phonological skills in young children is vital to teaching them to read.  I will be posting Phonological Awareness activities on the Forum soon!!

Also, if you are not familiar with the Teaching Channel, you should check it out.  There are so many video clips of great teaching strategies—and most of the clips are not long at all!!   https://www.teachingchannel.org/

Check out our Facebook Page:   Panhandle Reach Instructional Coach    Please join our page and contribute your great ideas!

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