We’re back…

This header could have the potential to sound eery but really we are back.  We’ve been in OKC for our week of training in LETRS.  If you haven’t looked at the Sopris website about LETRS you should.  It is dynamic and enabling Melody and me to become experts in advising panhandle teachers in how to effectively instruct our students to read efficiently through diagnosis and intervention strategies.  There are 12 modules of literacy learning plus some supplemental modules of which we are getting EVERYTHING!!  According to our instructors we are the only group that they have presented to who are getting anything and everything they have to offer.  This is a monumental opportunity for us and for the districts we have the privilege to service with our newly acquired skills.

It is my understanding that we will add numeracy training, in addition to LETRS, after the first of the year from Think Through Math.  You too have access to Think Through Math!  If you haven’t seen the press release from the SDE here is a link:

September REAC3H Network Newsletter

Also, in this newsletter are announcements about the Social Studies implementation guide and upcoming conference.

This week I will be heading to Enid on Monday to assist their ELL teachers for our neighboring REAC3H coaches.  On Tuesday I will be in Balko’s 1st grade classroom.  Then the rest of the week I will spend out visiting with Principals about getting in to assist PK – 3 teachers with literacy.  Monday, October 1st, I will be in Beaver all day and then in Guymon on the 2nd to assist in organizing literacy data to steer their classroom instruction. On October 5th the SDE is coming out to present on CCSS.  There will be more about this in the next few days.

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