New Focus

In the beginning REAC3H Coaches, including Melody and I, were asked to convey the new Oklahoma C3 standards to you all and assist in your implementation of those standards, including the new Common Core State Standards, with our emphasis being in early grades.  Recently Superintendent Barresi asked that we move our primary focus to early literacy.  Here is the press release from SDE regarding our new focus.

Melody and I will keep all dates that we have set up with you all for Oklahoma C3 and CCSS training and you will receive training from either us or SDE.  Also, we will continue to assist anyone with Oklahoma C3 questions to the best of our ability.  With the new focus we will be contacting our elementary principals to schedule time with early elementary teachers to formulate a plan of action.

Last week we returned to work after a GREAT week of training followed by a relaxing holiday.  On Wednesday we met with the Tri-county Superintendents for a lovely lunch and lively conversation.  We also met with the elementary principals in Guymon to discuss our new focus.  Two of the schools decided to have Melody and I organize their literacy data and assist teachers with utilizing this information to steer their instruction.  Another principal has asked us to observe teachers literacy instruction in order to formulate a game plan for the near future.  I share this with you so that you might be thinking about ways we can help your school too.

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