LETRS Training

Kimmy and I will be in OKC for training through Friday. Early literacy mastery is such a necessity for students to be successful in their later school careers. Our trainer has been fabulous, and I have learned so much about these last three days! Danielle Thompson has shared many professional books that I am definitely putting on my reading list.  Making Thinking Visible is at the top of the list.  This book is has so many practical and proven teaching strategies and routines for learning.

I am so anxious to get back to the panhandle to share the information we have been discussing during our training. A reading comprehension strategy we worked on today is one of the best strategies I have seen for dissecting informational text.  It is similar to a KWL chart, but is focused and strategically targets information in texts!  This strategy works for all levels of students at all grade levels.  It is called Connect, Correct and Collect! This is just one of the strategies I would love to share if you don’t know this strategy.

Have a great Labor Day, and Kimmy and I will be back in the panhandle on Tuesday.

Melody Claborn Aufill

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