Shout Out…

Just wanted to give a shout out from OKC…we are covering a lot concepts in the area of early literacy instruction with our LETRS trainers.  We will be focusing on LETRS through Thursday.  On Friday we will meet with SDE officials about RSA (Reading Sufficiency Act) along with several others who feel they need to share information.  Melody and I will be bringing this information back to you all at home.

Not to toot our own horn, but there was a press release about us today from State Superintendent Janet Barresi.

Our trainers have been sharing a lot of resources with us.  Most have been in print but a few have been links to sites that would help you all out.  Florida Center for Reading Research has evidence based materials to expend mastery in reading, writing, speaking and listening tasks in grades K – 5.  Intervention Central offers resources in many different areas geared towards, of course, RTI.  Lastly, to add a little fun into the mix, these are three links to sites that teachers can use to give demension to their lessons:

pic monkey

ref desk

fact and a photo

I want to close with a poignant quote about reading instruction that was shared with us yesterday from the book, Annual Growth for All Students, Catch-up Growth for Those Who Are Behind by Fielding, Kerr & Rosier:

“We never really leave our non-reading children behind.  We may forget about them, but we are chained to them socially and economically.  Like a ship and its anchor, we must either lift them up or drag them along behind us.”  -Lynn Fielding

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