headed east…

Melody and I are headed to the city for the second week of training as REAC3H Coaches.  Like all things, it is a learning experience.  We will spend Monday through Thursday from 7:15 – 4:00 training in LETRS (LETRS webpage link) which is an intensive intervention program for literacy.  It focuses on the lower levels but can be used with any struggling reader.  Friday will be used for debriefing prior to us being let loose for another three weeks in our regions.

As usual, when you meet with your bosses once a month you have to bring a wealth of paperwork with you.  Melody and I have been working on our reports to take with us to the city.  But prior to that I met with Turpin Administrators and Tyrone Teachers to discuss Oklahoma C3.  I am currently scheduling meetings with all my schools to present this introduction to Oklahoma’s new standards.  It outlines the structure of C3, the implementation timeline and points you to resources for C3 implementation.  I also am working to get with PK – 3 grade teachers to discuss literacy.

Have a GREAT week and we will be seeing you!

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😉 Kimmy

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