wow! lots of info….

I see that traffic has picked up unless Melody and my families are skewing the counts through their support of us.  😉

I’m hoping that you are seeing how this blog will allow us to quickly and reliably forward information to panhandle educators.  We are really here to help you understand all the changes taking place in Oklahoma right now.  I want to make sure if your visiting that you read all posts that are new.  There are days that Melody and I both post and that bumps one or the others posts down.  We will try not to bombard you all with posts but when we need to share we will.

The forum is jam packed with resources and information.  Melody is adding the new PARCC assessment information and I posted a memo from the SDE about Oklahoma C3 in Social Studies and future assessment in all testing grades for S.S.  Make sure you’re checking out the forum in all areas of your instruction.

I am working on an area that librarians can use to assist classroom teachers with Common Core and I will spend the day out on Wednesday at Forgan and then Tyrone.  Let us know if there are changes that can be made to better assist you.

🙂 Kimmy

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