Sample Tasks from PARCC

PARCC—Sample Tasks and Items

The information is here!! Sample items and tasks many teachers have been asking about have been posted.  Kimmy and I have been promising this information was coming soon, and  it is here today.  Yeah!! PARCC released sample tasks and items for ELA and Math assessments. Please take a moment to look at the items and tasks released on the PARCC website today! I am going to put specific links on the forum pages so you can go straight to what is most beneficial to you.  The PARCC website has lots of information for all teachers.  Check out what students are expected to know at different grade levels.

Below is the direct link:

Tuesday:  Keyes and BoiseCity

Wednesday:  Optima and Hooker

Thursday:  Keyes

Friday: office

Week of August 27- 31—Oklahoma City (training)

Have a great week with your students!  Remember to REAC3H out!!

Melody Claborn Aufill

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