Resources have been the most requested in all the schools that I have been in.  It was added by a teacher in Laverne that not only resources but those that will be the best for particular areas.  I know that you guys don’t have a lot of time to go through a list of links in order to find those that might benefit you the most.  So, in response, I have sent out an email to your Superintendents full of resources for understanding Common Core & PARCC plus a list of the  links I think will be the most useful for you in planning instruction.  If you haven’t been forwarded this email then ask about it!

I can not stress enough how this blog will help us communicate throughout the panhandle if we use it.  Melody and I are already onboard and I am hoping that once you all get in the swing of things you will visit here often and REAC3H out to us and your fellow teachers across the panhandle.  If you find something that you think will be of use to someone else then share it!

Thanks –


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One Response to RESOURCES!

  1. I am in love with this link as a resource for teachers wanting to view effective instruction and lessons that increase student interaction and depth of knowledge.

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