Meeting More Teachers!!

It’s been a busy two days!  Monday, I spent some time with Straight Elementary teachers talking about Common Core and answering questions.  We discussed the importance of Building Academic Vocabulary, and we navigated the SDE website until we found it!  Ha  Sometimes it is hard to find something when you have the pressure of the audience.  I was searching under the wrong term.  I was searching for Academic Vocabulary instead of Building Academic Vocabulary.  But now, that problem is solved.  If you are not using this tool, it is excellent.  Students need this foundation of vocabulary to become successful.

I met with Mr. Hale from Optima and will return on Wednesday, August 22 to visit with him and the teachers.

Tuesday morning Kimmy and I introduced ourselves and the position of REAC3H Coaches to Guymon teachers.  Kimmy stayed longer than I did, because I left to go to Keyes.  Once there, I spent the day visiting classrooms, having a fabulous lunch (made by “granny”) and answering questions about The Daily Five they will be implementing Thursday morning. I am going back to Keyes tonight for the Meet and Greet.

Friday afternoon I will go to Goodwell to discuss Common Core.

Remember to REAC3H out!!

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  1. There are links to a video discussion academic vocabulary and CCSS in the general area of the forum!!

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