Texhoma and Keyes

Thursday and Friday were very productive days.  I spent Thursday morning with Texhoma teachers discussing Common Core and Oklahoma C3 standards and Friday with Keyes discussing ways to implement The Daily Five in their classrooms.

At Texhoma we came to the consensus that the best place for each teacher to start in the implementation of Common Core State Standards is to read the standards that apply to the teachers’ subject area.  Until the teachers are familiar with the language and structure of the new standards, much of what is said and discussed will not make sense.  Lots of questions came up about Social Studies standards because these new standards will be assessed this year.  If you teach social studies, it is imperative for you to look at the standard because there are many changes at all grade levels.

Here is a direct link for the social studies standards here.


The Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence provides an excellent resource for 5th grade social studies teachers with a scholarship for the Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trip.  The scholarship information is found at www.ofe.org .

The Daily Five is a wonderful way to structure reading in primary and intermediate classrooms.  The two words that immerged from our discussion of the book that must be implemented immediately are “urgency” and “stamina”.  Students must possess a sense of urgency about their own learning, and they must develop stamina for the independent work they need to complete in order to become better writers and readers.  These two words apply to all learners, not just students using The Daily Five.

Schedule for the week


  • Straight– common core
  • Visit with Mr. Hale at Optima


  • Guymon Professional Development—introduction
  • Keyes—The Daily Five/


  • Goodwell—common core

REAC3H out if you need something!  I am here to serve the Tri-County area.

Melody Claborn Aufill


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