Hardesty CCSS Professional Development

Spent the morning with Hardesty teachers assisting them in understanding the structure of Oklahoma’s Common Core State Standards and C3 Standards.  We had wonderful discussions and I really feel like they have a better grasp of their responsibility to Common Core and C3 along with the resources available to them.

It was asked during our discussion if there was a correlation between my saying a greater depth of knowledge and DOK levels 1 – 4.  My response was YES there is a direct correlation and by using a DOK chart to extend students knowledge of a given subject teachers will see they are meeting the criteria of their Common Core Standards.  So, I am providing a link to a Depth of Knowledge Chart for you all to reference:


When considering activities think about what level of understanding you’d like your students to come away with and make sure your lesson falls where you want it on the chart.  There is a use for all defined levels but teachers should strive to include variation in their instruction to ensure varied depths of knowledge.

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