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Today was a great day at Guymon High School meeting so many of you that I had only talked to on the phone.   It was interesting to hear the stories of teachers’ connections to Yale.  It is definitely a small world.  I best be on my best behavior!!

There are many new initiatives this year, and I appreciate the questions and dialog we had in the afternoon when we broke into small groups.  Loved, loved, loved going into the room with the First-Third grade teachers and seeing them  in circles by grade level having discussions about the changes that Common Core will be bringing to their classrooms.  Lots of questions about Social Studies Standards.  Social Studies C3 Standards are very different than pass.  If you haven’t read over the new social studies standards, I would make that a priority.

The 7-12 grade English teachers were having a lively debate when we arrived!  I hope we were able to answer some of your questions and concerns, but I know the buses left before our discussions were finished.  Collaboration and teamwork are going to be the words of the year.  It is a process, but we are all in it together.

I heard someone say this today and thought it was work sharing…sorry I cannot credit the person.

“This is going to be a growing year for everyone….and we must grow together!”  What a powerful statement.  I hope that each of you “REAC3H out” to Kimmy and me as well as your colleagues across the panhandle.

As you begin to have conversations about the Tulsa Model, please remember the link we shared for documenting performance levels.

1. Go to 

2.  Teacher evaluation tab

3.  Documenting Performance Levels

You will find other helpful information on this site.

Updated Schedule for the week:

Thursday:  Texhoma

Friday:  Keyes

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