First Week of Training in OKC

We survived our first week in OKC for training.  It was an adventure for sure.  Our heads were crammed full with a crash course in what we should expect in our new positions as REAC3H Coaches this next year.  We attended presentations on Common Core State Standards for ELA and Math.  We had the Oklahoma C3 Standards explained to us through the eyes of Social Studies and what to anticipate from the Science perspective.  PARCC (or as they pronounced it “PARK”) was introduced to us and their part in this new adventure was explained.  We spent time with the K20 crew from OU and their examples of effectively utilizing the Common Core State Standards in areas of Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies.  There were two days featuring just a taste of what’s to come in LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) training that we will be spending the remainder of the year on.  Not to mention listening to many State Department people with many letters after their names and titles starting with Assistant Superintendent of (fill in the blank) who have a vision for our future as educators and our children as learners in the great state of Oklahoma.  It was a wonderful week and our heads are spinning with the possibilities.  We are anxious to get things started!

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