Beginning Year PD

Spent the afternoon calling eastern panhandle districts (Balko, Beaver, Forgan, Turpin, Laverne, Hardesty, and Tyrone) in order to introduce myself to Superintendents and to schedule a meeting to visit with district staff prior to the start of school.

Here is a short schedule of beginnning year PD set up already:

August 8th, in-service for districts starting on the 9th (Guymon Auditorium)

August 9th, in-service at Tyrone ISD (10:30) **update** Tyrone will be attending the in-service in Guymon on August 8th

August 14th, in-service at Guymon ISD (8:00)

TBA, in-service for Hardesty ISD and Balko ISD  **update** Balko and Hardesty will be attending the PD in Guymon on August 8

If you don’t see a slot where you will be attending just give me a call, text or email me and we can set up a time for me to come to your district to visit.


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