July 9, 2012

Melody and I signed our contracts with Guymon ISD today.  In order to meet the guidelines of the grant allowing for the hiring of 60 REAC3H Instructional Coaches across the state of Oklahoma our salaries must be filtered through a school district, and therefore, we must be employed by that district.  Another stipulation of the grant is that we be housed at a Vo-Tech.  Since there is not a local Vo-Tech in the panhandle OPSU will be providing an office for Melody and me.

Due to the size of the Oklahoma panhandle Melody and I have chosen to split it in half.  Since I reside in Beaver I will be taking the eastern districts while Melody, who will be living near Guymon, will take the western districts.  We will share Guymon seeing how they are a very large district.  Melody and I come from different backgrounds in our teaching experiences and education backgrounds, so if any school within the panhandle can benefit from either of our skills we will make sure to both be of assistance to that district.

The following is a link to commonly asked questions about REAC3H Instructional Coaches:


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