Common Core & Social Studies

I got a phonecall from a Beaver ISD teacher who will be teaching 5th grade Social Studies.  The question was if she needed to base her lessons on Common Core or PASS.  My response was for her to talk to her principal but that I believe she should move to Common Core.  Common Core objectives aren’t as focused on content as the PASS objectives but Common Core is designed to increase students self sufficiency in learning and in turn should enable them to perform well on any test just due to their critical thinking skills they will be building.

Here is a link that I included in my email response to this Beaver teacher for inspiration…

Will follow-up this post with the research I find in the next week or so…

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One Response to Common Core & Social Studies

  1. Here is the mail sent in response to the question of S.S. and Common Core….

    The following article talks about the differences Common Core Standards bring to our classrooms and our instructional practices:

    This video is a step by step process of analyzing what you’ve done in the past considering what you will be expected to do with Common Core. It’s simply a process that I would highly recommend to anyone who felt overwhelmed with the transition to the new standards.

    The video refers to Depth of Knowledge or DOK. The following is a link to a DOK chart for your reference.

    Since you’re social studies I wanted to include the following article for some inspiration.

    Just the fact that you realize that your instructional strategies are going to have to change to adhere to the new standards means that you will be successful. I have a ton of information and 59 other coaches that I can reach out to for more information. If you need anything more please, please, please ask!!




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