SDE Regional Meeting at Guymon…

I saw many of you at tri-county on Monday.  I hope that you all felt that your time was well spent in the sessions that you chose to attend.  I went to Josh Flores’ session in the morning.  He shared many resources for ELA teachers 6th grade and above.  I also saw a little of Levi Patrick’s Math presentation in the concourse area.  Unfortunately, Kelly Curtwright couldn’t come for the Social Studies session due to an illness but I spoke to a few of you who attended this session.  You said you received good information and that you had a discussion about Special Education that you wouldn’t of had otherwise.

In the afternoon I helped Dr. Mary Dahlgren and Kayla Hindman in their K – 2 (3rd grade was included) ELA presentation.  I visited with many of you who had questions and concerns about the Reading Sufficiency Act, good cause exemptions for the third grade retention law, K – 3 assessments and many other items.  I stated that I was in the process of planning multi-district PD’s that would include RSA “the Law” and would invite you all to attend once they were finalized.  Well, it’s done and I am attaching the calendar here:

PD Calendar 13 – 14

When you look at the calendar notice that there are PD dates for the whole year but those that are past December don’t have topics.  I am waiting to assign topics till a little closer to those dates.  At the top of the page is the link ( to the Eventbright registration pages for each of the sessions (morning, afternoon & evening).  The PD’s listed on the calendar are for all panhandle educators and will be held at the OPSU Guymon Classroom.  I have 18 seats available at each training.  ITV access will be available for those who wish to take advantage of that service.  If you’d like to “tune in” you must arrange that with me prior to the scheduled session (preferably days in advance).  As always, if you have any questions feel free to email, text or call me.

There are several RSA “the Law” sessions scheduled in the next month if you are concerned about your level of knowledge of this law.  I can also come and do an onsite training.  I will be having an onsite RSA “the Law” training in Beaver (per their request).  I will be inviting surrounding districts to that session which will be finalized tomorrow.  This is in addition to those scheduled at the OPSU Guymon Classroom.  If you’d like to set up a RSA “the Law” training at your district just let me know.  The presentation is a minimum of a hour and a half without questions.  I will stay after the presentation to field questions.

I know there was much confusion in registering for the Regional Meeting held on Monday.  I hope that this doesn’t discourage your registering for events that I have to offer.

I’d like to give a big SHOUT OUT to those of you who registered online for the SDE Regional Meeting (tri-county).  There were several reasons for your registering with Eventbright and the SDE:

  1. ease of “checking in” (if you brought your ticket with you Kerri White and Cara Combs (and those helping out) were able to scan your ticket and that was that)
  2. those that didn’t register had to fill out the yellow information page (Kerri and Cara input your information for you so that you would receive a survey)
  3. accountability for the SDE (so that they can show how many panhandle educators they reached in their training)
  4. survey (you should receive a survey asking about your experience and allowing you to comment)
  5. certificate of attendance (once you fill out the survey you will be given a certificate of attendance)

I am excited to have a regular venue for multi-district PD.  I hope to see you all in some fashion at these PD’s throughout the year.

Thanks – Kimmy

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Week 1 and Week 2 Newsletters for August…

Here are the last two weeks worth of newsletters.

august week 1 – 13

august week 2 – 13

Hope these help you all stay informed!

🙂 Kimmy

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planning RSA meeting…

Am in the process of finalizing a Reading Sufficiency Act meeting on Monday, August 12, 2013, in Guymon, for all panhandle K – 3 teachers and administrators.  This training will review the RSA and 3rd Grade Graduation Law.  It will outline the requirements for Districts, Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, Parents and Students for the 2013-2014 school year.  We will meet in conjunction with the OSDE Regional Meeting where secondary gets together in the morning and elementary in the afternoon (  K – 3 teachers can come to my RSA session from 8:30 – 11:00, take a lunch break and then head to the High School for the afternoon elementary session from the OSDE.  Hope to see you all at some point throughout the day!

🙂 Kimmy

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starting a weekly newsletter…

Sent this out to the panhandle educators this morning.  I’m hoping that many appreciate this effort to keep area educators up to date with SDE happenings and available professional development opportunities.  The focus for the newsletter will be mainly PK – 3 since that is the focus of REAC3H Instructional Coaches this next year.  Take a look, tell me what you think, good or bad 😉

july 13 pdf

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after Vision 2020…

As a Reac3h Coach at Vision 2020 I found myself working registration each morning and going to meetings that were required of me throughout the rest of the day.  I was fortunate to attend the general sessions by all three of the keynote speakers.  Day three’s speaker, Tony Wagnor shared a few websites that you might want to check out, or if you were there, didn’t get written down.

It was announced that the new standards will be referred to as Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS).  Here’s a few links to understanding what this means:

I’d love to hear what you felt was a GREAT use of your time at Vision 2020 or if you found any WONDERFUL resources to share.  Comment to this post or share on Facebook, Panhandle Reac3h Out!

I will be working the next few weeks on RSA, Reading Sufficiency Act.

If you hadn’t heard our new focus as Reac3h Coaches is early literacy in grades PK – 3.  Our intention is to lessen the affect of the 3rd grade retention law that goes into effect next year.  I will be here to inform and clarify the law and assist schools/districts in making good choices for literacy assessments and the use of data from those assessments to guide instruction.  I can assist districts/sites in understanding early literacy and our obligations as parents, teachers, and administrators across the panhandle.

It was my intention to reschedule grade level collaboration meetings for the first few weeks of August.  I still plan to do so in hopes that many of you can attend, but some schools start as early as the 8th.  Don’t forget that the State Department of Education will be coming out for an in-service in Guymon on August 12th.  This in-service will feature the different content area directors from the office of instruction.  Each will offer content specific PD’s within content areas for you to attend.  I believe that there will be a session for administrators too to look at TLE.  Once I receive more information I will be sure to send that out to you.  Also, look for emails from Guymon administrators Michelle Bryson and Dixie Purdy regarding this in-service.

Until next time…

🙂 Kimmy


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summer about to start for me too…

I just wanted to say thank you to those who came to the RSA workshops held on June 4.  Those in attendance are well on their way to creating programs in their schools for early literacy that will enable our students to become strong readers.  The whole intention of your RSA plans is to avoid third grade retention, to diagnose and intervene early.

I plan to have another set of workshops late July early August once I identify when schools in the panhandle will start the 13 – 14 school year.

Unfortunately, the grade level collaboration workshops didn’t go as planned due to lack of interest.  I will be rescheduling those too just before school gets underway again.  I hope that interests will be renewed and those seeking new strategies and methods will come join us.

You can also look for an early childhood PD in the Fall near the beginning of school.  We will focus on how our students formulate early reading skills and what literacy looks like for our PK – 1 students.  As workshops are planned you’ll find a complete listing of scheduled PD’s at:

Don’t forget about Vision 2020 July 9 – 11.  It will be action packed and full of free PD for all levels and subjects.  Also, the beginning year in-service for tri-county will feature staff from the State Department.  They will bring you a wealth of information on Common Core.  There will be a session for secondary and a session for elementary.  Once I know more about the schedule I will send it out to you all.

As always, I’m here to help if you need it! 🙂 Kimmy

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PK – K and grades 1 & 2 collaboration workshops…

I’m afraid I will have to cancel these events due to lack of interest.  I have the workshop already created and ready but without the minimum number of participants I am unable to present as scheduled.  I will attempt to offer this workshop again in the future.

Thank  you for your interest,
😦 Kimmy

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